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Medical ID Bracelets for Men Come In:

Distinctly masculine, stylish and sporty all at once, N-Style ID medical bracelets for men are as much a personal style statement as they are an essential, potentially life-saving accessory. Designed for versatile wear for any occasion, our men’s bracelets complement casual attire, formal outfits and everyday garb as well. Whatever your style, or wherever your day takes you, our bracelets and other medical jewelry selections are right with you, every step of the way.

N-Style ID offers you a cool and fun way to always keep your important medical information with you at all times with our huge selection of medical bracelets for men. Gone are the days of boring or ugly medical tags; now you can choose medical ID bracelets that fit your personality and work for every occasion.

Emergencies can happen at any time, so N-Style ID allows you to carry your allergy information, medical needs and any other important information for first responders with you at all times, while still looking hip wherever you go. Whether your looking for a funky braided bracelet for a casual look or a bad-to-the-bone leather or chain bracelet, we’ve got options for every guy of any age. Our modern and original styles make it easy to remember to wear your important medical details all the time. Let’s face it – if you properly manage your condition, it’s not what you think about all day. The details can become a little cloudy, especially if you’re not held back during day-to-day activities. N-Style ID medical jewelry gives you the added benefit of having crucial information on your person at all times, even if those details don’t control your life.

Founded and operated by stylish mom Toni Bissell, N-Style ID medical bracelets for men are perfect for every guy’s personality. Our fun and functional medical alert bracelet for men will go with you wherever life takes you and show off your own style. If you’re looking for another cool alternative, we also offer a variety of medical dog tags in addition to our medic alert bracelets for men to keep you looking your best, while keeping you safe.

Medical ID Bracelets for Men Come In:

Simply choose your favorite styles from our collection of medical alert bracelets for men, and then we’ll engrave your medical details for free. Your engraving can indicate any important medical information that might be needed by EMTs, firefighters, doctors or any other medical personnel. In the event that you or someone you love is unable to communicate critical details during an emergency, our medical bracelets for men can indicate allergies to medication, urgent care that needs to be taken or any vital contact details. For more detailed information your bracelet or tags can indicate to first responders to check your wallet for N-Style ID’s emergency information card provided to you free of charge.

Available in an impressive variety of fabrics and metal finishes, N-Style medical jewelry for men offers signature style for any gentleman – senior citizen, middle-aged dad, busy teenager, and others. With our medical bracelets, dog tags and more, you’ll have an extra measure of security in an uncertain world.

Prepare yourself and those special men in your life for an unexpected emergency with an N-Style ID medical id bracelet for men, and maintain a cool sense of style at the same time. When you purchase multiple bracelets or tags for orders over $50, we will provide you with free shipping. Stay safe and keep cool with N-Style ID.



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