Are N-Style ID pieces interchangeable with all bands and bracelets?

Almost all bracelets are interchangeable with the exception of the Bangle and Titanium Wave. Here's a list of which bracelets are interchangeable with specific ID tags: 

- Contempo ID: Chain, Beaded, Woven, Cable, Leather, Rubber
- Max Contempo ID: Chain, Beaded, Woven, Cable, Leather, Rubber
- Wave ID: Chain, Beaded, Woven, Cable, Leather, Rubber
- Sport ID: Brawny Sport Bands
- Slider ID: Ultra Light, Jelly Bands


Can I wear my N-Style ID jewelry swimming and in the shower?

These items may be worn for swimming and in the shower: 

- Velcro Sport Bands and Stainless Steel IDs
- Children Medical ID Bracelets
- All Titanium and Stainless Steel Jewelry 

These items MUST be removed for swimming and in the shower:

- Beaded Jewelry
- Interchangeable Bracelets (excluding titanium and stainless steel chain attachments)
- Silver Jewelry
- All Leather Jewelry Bracelets


How do I know what size to order?

Each product detail page suggests the size recommendation at the top of the page. If the bracelet comes in various sizes, it will be located next to the size choices.


How long can I expect my beaded bracelet last?

If worn with care, a beaded bracelet should last a year before needing to be re-strung. They should be removed for sports, water activity, and showering. We suggest switching your ID to a stainless steel chain or cable bracelet for everyday wear. Beaded jewelry is not recommended for children.


How much information can be engraved?

IDs come in a range of sizes and character limitations. Go to the product detail page for your desired ID; it will give you the amount of characters allowed per line.


May I return an item if I am not pleased with my purchase?

Please refer to our Quality Guarantee for returns info.


What if my bracelet doesn’t fit?

If you ordered the wrong size, you may return it to us along with a $5 check for Priority shipping or $2 for First Class. Please include a copy of your receipt and instructions on what size you would like.


What should I have engraved on my ID?

The most important information that should be engraved is your medical condition and/or medications. Name, emergency contact phone numbers, doctor’s name and number is also helpful information for medical personnel. We suggest you check with your doctor to see what he or she suggests for your medical condition.



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