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Medical ID Bracelets & Medical ID Jewelry from N-Style ID

We know what it’s like to live with the threat of a serious medical condition – in fact, that’s how N-Style ID founder Toni Bissell started our company in the first place! We also understand the fear and frustration associated with conditions like diabetes, seizures, autism, allergies and more. Our medical alert jewelry enables and empowers anyone suffering from a serious medical issue to embrace each day, live life to the fullest and celebrate their individuality.

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Stylish, Fun, and Completely Original Medical ID Jewelry of All Styles


Stylish Medical ID Bracelets You Will Love

N-Style ID offers quality medical ID bracelets and medical alert jewelry that is stylish, contemporary, and potentially life-saving. If you or someone you care about live with a serious medical condition, life-threatening allergy, or other major health concern that would require special attention in an emergency, N-Style medical alert bracelets and medical alert jewelry provide the perfect accessory for every occasion.

Medical emergencies can happen unexpectedly at any moment, and, in some situations, you or your loved ones may not be able to communicate vital personal health details to medical providers or rescue teams. With original, fashionable, and versatile options suitable for every age and personality, our medical ID jewelry deliver vital health information in an attractive way that will encourage those who need them to wear them every day.


Our medical ID jewelry for ranges from upscale, sleek, and modern designs for a night out on the town, to playful and colorful charms that even kids will enjoy wearing. Choose from a wide variety of unique looks for men and women, including bracelets, necklaces, and medical ID charms that can be added to existing pieces of jewelry.

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