Which medical ID jewelry is best for me?

Since your medical ID tag must be worn 24 hours a day in various environments and weather, please consider the following:

  • Some fabrications aren’t made for everyday use. Just like prom dresses aren’t made for whitewater rafting ;-)!
  • Stainless steel designs can handle daily wear and won’t tarnish. Wearable in the shower, pool, while cooking, and chasing waterfalls!
  • Our chain medical ID bracelets, medical alert bangles, and cable medical jewelry come in stainless steel.
  • Chlorine dulls and eventually removes platings on our color plated pieces. Remove these pieces before showering or swimming.
  • As you choose your design, enjoy the freedom of not being locked into one single piece. You can order a durable stainless steel medical alert bracelet along with a stylish leather or beaded bracelet. Simply switch the medical ID tag from one bracelet to the other for different occasions!
  • N-Style ID offers our Steel Wheat Chain at a heavy discount when ordered with fancier pieces not meant for harsh conditions like kitesurfing! Switching is easy and adds flair.

What size do I order?

Best question ever! Please… no, pretty please, measure your wrist. Twice!

  • Even if you think you know your wrist size, please double-check. Ordering the wrong size causes lengthy delays due to exchanging an important medical item you or your family member needs asap!
  • Measuring your wrist for the correct bracelet size is quick, easy, and 100% painless!
  • Use the chart below to get an idea of your ideal bracelet size. It’s not exact because we all like our bracelets to fit a certain way. But the chart is a great start.

What should I have Engraved?


We use superior and flawless laser engraving and it's FREE!


Please read the recommendations to consider before submitting your personalized engraving information: 

  • The information you submit for custom engraving may save your life. Include only what would be critically necessary for a healthcare provider. N-Style ID recommends consulting with your physician before submitting medical ID engraving information. (9 out of 11 moms wish doctors allowed texting!)
  • Your information will be custom engraved exactly as submitted. Please make sure all information is understandable and spelling is correct. The information can’t be changed once submitted online. “Lucky” - cool name - but not for Lucy!
  • We have an easy solution if you have lots of information that won’t fit on your custom medical ID jewelry. N-Style ID's medical ID Wallet Card is FREE with your purchase. We recommend engraving “SEE WALLET CARD” on your ID piece.
  • Keep characters to a minimum to avoid overcrowding. This makes information easier to understand. Let the kiddos help… they are concise texters, right?
  • When listing medications and medicine allergies, please be specific. Are you taking the medication or are you allergic to it? Example: “On Aspirin” or “Taking Aspirin.” Crystal clear instructions are crucial - like a chore list for your teen.
  • If a home phone number is engraved, it is recommended to leave additional emergency phone numbers on your voice mail (Cell#, Doctors#, Work#, etc.). Voicemail Example: “No one is available to take your call. If this is a medical emergency, please call....”
  • If a doctor’s phone# is engraved, make sure your name is also engraved on your ID piece. BTW - Nearly all N-Style ID pieces are interchangeable with our array of bands and bracelets.
  • For diabetes, make sure you include which type of diabetes. Example 1: "Type 1 Diabetes, Diabetes-Insulin, or Diabetes-Ins.” Example 2: "Type 2 Diabetes, Diabetes-Oral."
  • Avoid being too wordy →"Has Pacemaker" or "Diagnosed with Diabetes." Shorter but understandable Examples →"Pacemaker” or “Type 1 Diabetes.” Save those words for your future book on mom tactics!
  • If you have a terminal illness and wish to not be resuscitated, please include that in the engraving. Example: "Terminal Illness, Please Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)."
  • If you have a living will, please include - "Living Will Please Contact..." on your ID engraving. Emergency contact information is vital.
  • The caduceus symbol on the front of all N-Style ID’s is a symbol to alert medical personnel that the person wearing the ID has a medical condition. During medical emergencies, they will not know your medical condition unless it’s engraved on your medical ID tag. If you choose not to have N-Style ID engrave your medical ID, it is recommended you have it engraved by your local jeweler before wearing.

If you’re still unsure about what to have engraved on your N-Style ID you can:

  • Check with your doctor (surely he or she is off the golf course at this hour).
  • Shoot us an email at info@n-styleid.com, we would be happy to help.

Engraved medical bracelets, dog tags, and other items are not returnable unless a mistake was made by N-Style ID in engraving.

Below are abbreviations that may be used on engraved medical alert bracelets. These are recognized by healthcare providers. Abbreviations not listed may not be recognized. 

  • Medications - MEDS
  • Penicillin - PCN
  • Hypertension - HTN
  • Aspirin - ASA
  • Allergy - ALGY
  • In Case of Emergency - ICE
  • Do Not Resuscitate - DNR
  • High Blood Pressure - HBP
  • Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes - T1D/T2D
  • No Known Allergies - NKA
  • Epinephrine Pen - Epipen


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