Women/Medical ID Tags

Only N-Style ID offers such a wide selection of Medical Identification Tags for women. Our design team not only designs Medical ID Bracelets, we also pay special attention to detail in designing our Medical ID Tags. Each Medical ID Bracelets requires a different shape to allow for multiple design choices. The Contempo Medical IDwas the first ID designed by our N-Style ID design team and is available in stainless steel and 14k gold. Our Medical Identification Tags are recommended for all of our beaded, chain, braided leather and rubber Medical Bracelets. Or, if you choose to create your own Designer Medical ID Bracelet the Contempo ID is the perfect choice. 

Our Stainless Steel Slider is suggested for all of our children's medical ID bracelets (Jelly Bands, Ultra Lights) and Nylon Velcro Medical Bands. The Stainless Steel Sport ID is recommended for our Velcro Medical ID Bands and wide leather Medical Bracelets.


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