Testimonials from Customers Writing In
Saved my life the first day i received it.

Love it! I have epilepsy and I put my necklace on soon as I received it. Went to Wal-Mart... had a seizure. The necklace got me quick response and saved my life. Thank you!

Wendy from Mississippi

I just wanted to thank you for your great customer service. When I needed to contact you, I was a bit apprehensive, not having any previous experience with your company, but you completely took care of my situation in a cheerful, conscientious manner. Life can be very stressful when you have a loved one with a chronic condition that requires medical identification. It's so nice to know that there is a company out there that not only cares about making this fun and fashionable, but also durable. Your kindness is very much appreciated.

Dorene B.
Carbondale, IL

I love my Style ID bracelet. Everyone that sees it thinks it looks just like a stylish bracelet, not a medical id bracelet. I did however have to see one of me doctors yesterday, and of course he noticed the bracelet immediately, turned it over to read what was on the back and even commented on how it is so much like a piece of stylish jewelry. He said more people would wear medical id bracelets if they knew about mine. I love mine and keep it on all the time. I sleep in it, shower in it, and do everything without it ever being removed.

Thank you for providing a bracelet that I am proud to wear all the time. This is my first time to have to wear a medical id bracelet and I am so glad I found you. You keep me "in style"

Jackie H.
Mount Juliet, TN

My grandson loved his ID tags and will not remove them because he says that he wants to be like me when I was in the Army that I always had to wear my ID tags.

Elsa O.
Cherry Hill, NJ

I do not "blog" but I just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed your product. My daughter just turned 11 and her jelly band has lasted through soccer, flag football, hiking, biking, and any other outdoor activity you could think of. We have had the bangle bracelets in the past with the beads, etc, (this was more for me than Elisabeth) but she did not like to wear the bracelet because she was always worried about breaking it. These bracelets are perfect for an active child. She does not mind at all wearing her bracelet. The sliding part on the bracelet finally broke so I am ordering her another one. (I have to confess, I also ordered her a pink jelly bracelet!)

She has a very dangerous nut allergy and the size of the bracelet is just the right size. Not too big, but in an emergency, someone could easily read the information. Thank you so much.

Kathryn T.
Mobile, AL

I just wanted to say I am so very happy I was guided to your site. I ordered two medical ID bracelets from your site and I am so Extremely pleased with my order. Your site is Great. So very easy to use. I love the fact that there are so many choices and styles and number of lines for the important information so you can customize the ID's to the individual child's needs. I ordered a JDRF bracelet for my grandson who has Type 1 Diabetes. I am pleased to hear a mom created it and the proceeds go to JDRF. My grandson loves it and it is so cool and stylish and that is important to a 6 year old.

I ordered a second one for my 7 year old grandson with basic information so he could feel cool just like his brother. He loved that and wears his all the time also. I will be re-ordering from your site whenever I need more bands. Thank You N-Style ID for such prompt and courteous service. Thank You for having a variety of affordable products to keep all of our children a little bit safer.

Tricia G.
Saratoga, NY

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for your EXCELLENT customer service. I called and left a message last week that I received two blue jelly bands instead of one blue and one violet as per my order, and I have already received the replacement you sent! That was QuicK! And completely hassle-free. You all have the BEST selection of ID bracelets - it makes my daughter so very happy to have your fun bands since she has to wear a medical ID alert at all times.

Thank you for a great product at reasonable prices and the BEST customer service I have encountered in years! I really appreciated the call from your customer service center letting me know how the mistake was being handled as well. Very Impressed!

Jennifer B.
Greeley, CO

My son was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic on January 17, 2004. He was 9 years old. In the beginning phases of his adjustment to his diabetes, it was really hard to get him to wear the basic bracelets and dog tag necklaces that were on the market. One day I found this web site online, and I have ordered many bracelets for him since. I have had the best luck with the products, they are durable, comfortable, stylish, and he wears his bracelets all of the time and they don't bother him at all.

I have found that your company has provided most excellent service. Years ago, my son lost his bracelet. I panicked and placed a rush order, requesting a new engraved bracelet as quickly as possible. I will never forget the feeling of relief that I had the next day when I found the bracelet at my door.

I look forward to being able to continue purchasing more products from your company in the future. It's nice to know that you are there for our medical bracelet needs. Thank you for your services. You rock!

Sherry M.

Just got my bracelet and had to jump on and thank you so much!! I have always refused to wear those ugly id tags before. Now that I'm going on insulin, I can't avoid it any longer. Imagine my surprise when I found your site. While the cost was lower than other sites I looked at, the quality is astounding. I ordered the Sundance beaded bracelet and it matches the turquoise in my wedding rings beautifully. No one will ever guess that it is anything other than a bracelet to match my bands. And the description was spot on. The matrix is beautiful. No fake stuff here. Thank you so much for making a fairly traumatic time a little easier. I truly appreciate what you do.

Lee Ann G.

I ordered my bracelet and charm on Friday (both of which were to be engraved) and when I got home on Monday they were here. Boy, when you said "out the next day" you ment it. They are wonderful and accurate! It feels so good I don't even know I have it on. But the right people will, if it becomes necessary! Thanks Ladies!


I just wanted to compliment your company on it's wonderful service. I placed my order last Thursday and recieved my new medical bracelet yesturday. I am very pleased with your titanium bangle style braclets (what I ordered) and would highly recomend them to any fashion concious ladies. I spent a lot of time looking on line for a medical id that not only would not irritate my skin which is very sensitive, but would also be durable and fashionable. Your bangle style bracelets where exactly what I was looking for. I also work at Seattle Children's Hospital and am looking to recomend your products to my hospital. Thanks again.

Gretchen Palmer

Thank you very much for the medical ids for my grandson. He is very happy with them, and as he is now 13 (and it is important to wear his medical id.), he is wearing an id. every day...he loves the choices of bands and also the 'cool' look!

Again, many thanks, and I will certainly tell my friends about your site.

Regards, Denise Simpson (Sydney, Australia)

I recently ordered two bracelets for my daughter. My order was sent wrong, and there was a slight smudge on the metal band also. We were playing phone tag becauseof the time zone difference, but you guys took care of it without even ever talking to me personally. You are always so fast every time I have ordered! This is why I have told many people about you. Thanks! I appreciate it and you stand behind your products! That says a lot.

Chrissy S.

Hello N-styleid! I just had to write you to tell you what an amazing job you did with my bracelet. I was so tired of having to get my previous silver bracelet cleaned on a weekly basis because, as a lifeguard, I'm always sticking my hands in chlorine water! This causes the bracelet to get rather gross looking and I don't like wearing it at all. I finally gave up on wearing a medical id bracelet at work (not the greatest idea, I know) and then yesterday in the mail came my ladies sport bracelet and titanium id (the small one). I was so thrilled! I worked today, stuck my hands in, and no nasty black gunk all over it! How nice! It is comfortable and even dries very quickly. As an added bonus, I now don't get constant "What's wrong with you? Why do you wear that? Are you broken?" remarks from the students in my lifesaving classes because they assume I'm wearing a watch!

Thank you! Thank you! You now have another life customer!


Thank you so very much for your help!! Sending it out on Monday will be great! I really appreciate your fast response and all your help!! I have ordered this as a surprise for my friend. She has been so upset about the lymphedema because all her treatments and surgery have been going along so well. She will just love this bracelet, it's so beautiful!! I have looked and looked online for an alert bracelet that would be pretty enough to wear all the time.....and yours are by far the nicest i have found. i will probably be buying her another one later on!
Thanks again!


Yes I did intend to order two of everything. I figure my 7-year old son who needs to wear these will probably be losing them, so I wanted reinforcements. Thank you very much for all your help. I greatly appreciate your inquiring on my order and your quick responses.

Thanks again-you have a customer for life.

Sincerely, Joyce

I just got our bracelets and I think they are so cute. Why don't you send me 20 - 30 brochures so that I can put them at the Stanford Hospital Diabetes Clinic? I want the other parents to see this. Great stuff!


I ordered a band and ID for my son, the Velcro band is quite large and will be sending it back, would like to order a band that has the plastic clip instead. If you could let me know how long it would take to replace I would appreciate it. Really liked the quality of both band and ID, he just has a little wrist and I have had a hard time finding a band that fits well. Thanks for your assistance.

Susan Lecuyer

I received my charm today and I am so pleased! I too searched for an attractive medical Id bracelet and luckily this time I found yours! I had just purchased a bracelet similar to your sscb prior to diagnosis and your charm fits right on it nicely! Thank you for the fast shipping as well!


Actually I was trying to order One Beating Heart Band, and apparently accidentally ordered a 2nd one by mistake. Please send only one, and delete the 2nd one from the order. Thanks for the heads up on this!


I have two of your medical ID alert bangle style bracelets (one gold/one silver). I can't say enough good! I haven't taken the gold bangle off in a year. Your new beaded styles are wonderful alternatives to the stuffy medical id. jewelry. I've recommended your site to a number of friends who also have Multiple Sclerosis - I know of one woman who has already ordered from you - and quite a few others who plan on doing so. If you could send me a current catalog, I would greatly appreciate it.


Thanks very much for your Christmas Eve email. That was very kind of you to credit my account. It is rare to find businesses like yours these days who do the honorable thing. We would have been just as happy for you to keep the entire amount and just receive the new bracelet. Guess we'll just have to do some more shopping for your items!

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year in 2003. The medic alert jewelry you do is truly a great thing to have. We are so blessed to have Lisa with us and that makes our holidays even more special. Thanks for helping us out. Best Wishes,


Thank you for your prompt response. I have already posted a recommendation for your products on an internet bulletin board for parents of children with epilepsy, as my son has found your sports bands to be more comfortable that his previous ID bracelet.

Thanks, Margaret

We received our order today. My son has worn many traditional bracelets and necklaces over the past several years all of which he has managed to break. This looks virtually childproof. Never before has he voluntarily put on any of the medic alert jewelry he has owned. Both of us were excited by the kid friendly look and appearance of your product. The delivery time was also very fast. Keep up the good work and trendy styling of your jewelry.

Linda R

I would like to send my greatest appreciation towards your level of customer service and reliability. I am thankful to report BOTH packages were recieved in the mail this week.

I am very satisfied with your product and will surely return to your company. I will be placing back in the post today, the blue envelope with 'return to sender' on it.

I thank you for all your service.

From Emma

hello Cheri, this is Cherie ;o) (pronounced 'shurree' - -) i just wanted to Thank You and N-Style ID for amazing care and quality service that you extend to your customers... i instantly fell in love with this ID bracelet when i saw it on your great web site - - i ordered one, it is durable, the ID is easy to spot, and the engraving is bold and strong.... but i ordered the wrong size... i was sad.... but i contacted N-Style ID regarding how to return for a bigger size cable bracelet and you responded immediately, telling me what i needed to do so i could have the right size mailed back to me.... it was returned to me within days!!

i was amazed at your care and service, and i now have a beautiful sturdy medical alert bracelet that will last me until forever!!! i will be sure to spread the word about the care, quality, creations and service of N-Style ID.... you are all amazing and know that you are appreciated!!!! You are at the top of my 'favorites' list and i'm sure i will be back in the future.... thank you sooo much for being so great!!!

From: your biggest fan ;o) Cherie Craze, Ontario Ohio ;o)


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