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N-Style ID Jewelry for the Elderly: Bracelets, Bands, Pendants & More

According to the AARP, senior citizens with any type of medical condition should wear medical ID bracelets. Everyone remembers the classic TV commercial from the 80s, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” The ad was incredibly popular then, and relevant now – it’s still played today on syndicated television stations. And while the element of humor in the commercial is undeniable, unattended senior citizens in severe distress is no laughing matter.

During a medical emergency, more than 90% of first responders look for medical ID jewelry. For the elderly, medical ID bracelets for seniors are literally life-savers. With serious conditions like diabetes, seizures and allergies, senior citizens are particularly vulnerable. Medical alert bracelets and other medical ID jewelry for seniors convey crucial information to emergency response personnel, including:


  • Name and pertinent personal information
  • Medical condition(s)
  • Primary care physician contact number(s)
  • Specific care instructions
  • And much more


Our ID bracelets are popular with younger and middle-aged patients, and senior citizens are beginning to realize the immense benefits of wearing medical ID jewelry. Our emergency bracelets for seniors are a smart and simple way to stay prepared in the event of a medical emergency. Even civil and municipal authorities are beginning to realize the benefits of elderly ID bracelets. The Chicago Police Department has launched an initiative that promotes ID bracelets for seniors. In Illinois, local authorities promoted ID bracelets for seniors, in conjunction with the Illinois State Police. Clearly, medical ID bracelets for the elderly are a good idea.

Select Stylish, Potentially Life-Saving Medical Bracelets at N-Style ID!

If you’re a senior citizen with a medical condition, or your loved one (grandmother, uncle, great-grandfather, etc.) could use a medical ID bracelet, N-Style ID has the selection, style and super value you’re looking for. N-Style ID offers a superior assortment of medical alert bracelets and other jewelry for seniors. Custom, creative designs are available with just a few clicks. And if your medical ID bracelet order is more than $50, shipping is free.

To find out more about our ID bracelets for the elderly, please call our medical ID jewelry consultants today. You can reach us at (877) 445-0030. Plus, our contact page has additional information. Don’t delay with your medical ID bracelets for seniors – contact us today!



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