Charms & ID Tags/Pendants

Design Your Own Jewelry

Mix and match is what this collection is all about.  Customize your own bracelet or necklace with one of our medical ID pendants or charms. It's a great way to wear something completely unique in ID jewelry, flex your creativity, and save money!

A Medical Pendant Makes a Statement

And not just a statement about your health, either! Our stylish medical alert pendants come in a wide range of shapes, metals and colors, so you can create one that makes a statement about your personal style.

Pendant Choices:

  • Medical charms with symbol in your favorite color stamped on sturdy stainless steel.
  • 14K gold medical charms studded with diamonds and other precious gems... sold nowhere else!
  • Medical pendants in yellow or white gold to hang from your own chain.
  • Medical ID tags in 20 shapes and colors to build your own bracelet.

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