Should you wish to make an exchange for a different size we offer 3 options. 


  1. The quickest option is to order the bracelet size you would like on our bracelets without ID tag page.  Remove your ID tag, and return only the bracelet portion in a padded envelope and make sure you obtain a tracking number for the courier you choose. Please include your order number and an explanation of your return. Return to the address below and we will credit you once it is received.  
  2.  Return your bracelet in a padded envelope to the address below with an explanation of the size you would like.  Please include your order number along with $5 for USA orders and $14 for all international exchanges including Canada for the processing of your return.  
  3.  As a quick and free alternative for a larger size, you have the option to contact us and request we send jump rings to extend the length of your bracelet. It is simple to add the rings, but requires a couple pair of pliers to twist open and close the rings. These rings are the same rings you see on your bracelet that attaches the lobster clasp to the bracelet. This option is not available for the Bangle, Universal or Paracord bracelets.


N-Style ID
8175 S. Virginia St. #850

Reno, NV. 89511


Exchange postage fees are the responsibility of the buyer.  


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