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Universal Black Emergency Bracelet -
Universal Black Emergency Bracelet -

Universal Black Emergency Bracelet

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The Universal BlackICE bracelets are perfect for your active lifestyle. Rarely do we think of accidents happening to us or a loved one until it does. Taking a proactive approach by wearing an I.C.E (In Case of Emergency) bracelet is one way to help keep you safe and connected in an emergency situation. The ICE ID offered is interchangeable with any of our chain, cable, leather, rubber, stretch, woven or beaded bracelets. This allows you to take your ICE identification from your active day right into your evening attire by merely switching the ID from one bracelet to the next! Another plus to the Universal black ID wristband is the metal does not touch your skin. Ideal for those allergic to metals! We offer 3 sizes in this bracelet, and they are adjustable with a Velcro closure.



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