Women/Woven Bracelets

N-Style ID’s woven and braided medical ID bracelets are available in an array of colors to fit your spirit. These casual medical bracelets are perfect for everyday wear! Bracelet is tied on one end making the size adjustable to fit up to a 7 ½” wrist. The Contempo or Wave ID medical ID tags offered with the woven medic bracelets are interchangeable with stainless steel, beaded and many of our leather attachments.

For sports activities, N-Style ID recommends the Medical ID Bands.

Medical ID Sport Bands

Our adjustable sport medical alert bracelets come in a wide range of styles and the bands are easily interchangeable so you can change your style for a different look. All of our bands can be adjusted to fit your wrist snugly, yet comfortable, so they don’t fall off during activities. Each of our sports bracelets can be personalized for free with a custom engraving of your important medical information or contact details, ideal for preparing first responders and other medical personnel with your vital details. We also offer active alert bands that come with a pouch to store your free medical ID card on which you can write or print your medical information.

Not only do our sports bracelets offer sturdy construction for sports activities, but also the nylon webbing is perfect for those with metal allergies who have difficulty wearing other medical bracelets. The ID tags on our Brawny and Universal medical ID bracelets do not touch the skin to eliminate any irritation due to activity or allergies. And with plenty of waterproof medical alert bracelets to pick from, you’ll always have your important medical information close at hand, whether you’re in the water or on land!

One of our most popular styles of sport medical alert bracelets for guys or those that need extra durability is our Brawny sport bracelet. This sports bracelet offer a hefty adjustable center push buckle for a snug and precise fit, and the Velcro closure on top grips our interchangeable ID tag. One of our bigger sports medical alert bracelets, the Brawny is perfect for those with wrists between 7” and 9”.

For a smaller fit and even lighter feel, our ultra-light sports bracelet offers an excellent option for everyday wear. Available in a wide variety of fun and playful colors and designs, this sports bracelet feature nylon webbing and an adjustable plastic center push buckle, which is easy to take on and off. While this sport medical bracelet is classified as a children’s sizing, it can also fit up to a size 7” wrist. For a bit of variety, you can interchange the slider medical ID tag with a variety of choices In sport bands sold separately depending on your mood or outfit. With built-in customization available with our sports bands and waterproof medical ID bracelets, all of your attire is in play.

Sports medical alert bracelets from N-Style ID are perfect for those that lead an active life and want to always have their important medical information with them at all times. Durable, comfortable and stylish our sports bracelets give you the confidence to live your life the way you want.



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