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Medical Alert Cable Bracelets for Women

Flashy & feminine, these medical alert bracelets for women are made with her distinctive style in mind! While many N-Style ID bracelets are essentially unisex design, these particular cable bracelets provide an elegant style and excellent value throughout. Ladies, these N-Style ID medical ID bracelets are for you!

The NEW addition of our stainless steel cable medical bracelets for women represents a very popular current trend. The sturdiness of the cables inspired us to name them in tribute to some of the world's most famous bridges. The medical ID tags offered with our cable bracelets are also interchangeable with all of N-Style ID’s beaded and interchangeable medical bracelets.

Nieces, aunts, daughters, moms, grandmothers and more – for any age and any style preference, N-Style ID’s medical alert bracelets for women have something for everyone. What makes these bracelets so interesting is that, even though they’re designed to fit a woman’s lifestyle, they contain elements of the rough-and-rugged steel cables which support some of the most iconic bridges from around the globe. This artful, elegant accent shines through with a truly sophisticated character!

And much like those world-famous spans and supports, each N-Style ID medical alert cable bracelet includes personalized style. But instead of architects and engineers calling the shots, style-savvy designer instincts are all that’s required! Simply “build” your own bracelet from the ground up – and we promise, it’s much easier than constructing the Golden Gate Bridge.

What’s more, all bracelets pictured are also offered in your choice of medical ID tag colors. Try a tone to match your latest outfit, or go the contrary route for a flashy, formidable accent to any outfit. It’s completely up to you. N-Style ID gives you the tools – you do all the rest with our streamlined ordering interface, stylish options and customized possibilities.

Need help building your womens medical alert bracelet? N-Style ID medical alert cable bracelet coordinators are available at (877) 445-0030, and you can also visit our contact page for other ways to get in touch.


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