Bracelets/Stretch Bracelets

Our pretty medical ID stretch bracelets are a stylish and convenient way to carry your important medical information with you at all times. Many of our stretch medical bracelets are also adjustable medical ID bracelets.  They are extremely flexible, comfortable and durable, so they’re easy to take on and off, and are able to withstand the wear of everyday activity. You’ll never have to worry about difficult clasps or bracelets that are too tight to easily slide on and off. Our stretchy medical ID bracelets come in a wide variety of styles, from our sleek and classic look, to our more fun and casual adjustable designs. Our free custom engravings allow you to personalize your bracelet with your important medical details.

Whether you or your family members have a serious medical condition, allergy, medication needs or restrictions, or need to carry other important information with you, our adjustable stretch bracelets are the perfect alternative to the typical boring medical bracelet. Choose from our wide range of unique and original designs to suit your personality. Our stretch medical bracelets can be dressed up for a night on the town or worn as a stylish everyday piece of jewelry. If you’d like to mix up your look or have a few different options to choose from, our stretch bracelets can be pared with our interchangeable Contempo medical ID tag, so you can swap out your medical information and attach it to any of our other interchangeable bracelets to fit your mood or the occasion.

Each one of N-Style ID’s stretch medical bracelets comes with a free custom engraving, so that you can personalize your ID tag with all of your important information. Emergencies can happen any time, so we want you to be prepared with the proper medical details. EMTs, doctors, and other first responders, know to look for medical ID tags to instruct them on the proper care to provide or medications to avoid, when they arrive on the scene. Help get them the information they need quickly to make sure you get the care you need.

One of our most popular stretchy medical ID bracelets is our classic stainless steel Hera Stretch Medical Alert Bracelet, featuring an elegant herringbone style. This bracelet is incredibly easy to slide on and off and looks great for everyday wear or can be dressed up with your other favorite jewelry. If you’re looking for adjustable bracelets with a bit more flash and color, our Aphrodite Stretch Medical ID Bracelet is an excellent option. This stylish stainless steel bracelet features bright colorful crystals designed to add a little sparkle to your day. Another favorite stretch bracelet designs is the Asteria Stretch Medical Bracelet, which features eye-catching clear crystals and a two tone gold and silver links. If you’d like to personalize our stretchy bracelets even more, you can add one or two of our creative charms.

You and your loved ones will never forget to carry your vital medical information with you wherever you go with N-Style ID’s stretch bracelets. Feel confident knowing that you have all the information you need in the event of an unexpected emergency and look stylish at the same time.



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