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Rubber and Silicone Medical ID Bracelets

Carrying your vital medical information with you at all times is important, but most medical bracelets aren’t designed to handle the wear and tear of everyday life. That’s why we here at N-Style ID designed our rubber and silicone medical alert bracelets to be durable, stylish and affordable, so you can feel confident knowing you’re prepared no matter where life takes you. Waterproof, sturdy and extremely lightweight, our rubber medical bracelets are so comfortable to wear; you may forget you have one on. That is until you start getting compliments on its a cool design. Our rubber bracelets are also latex-free, so if you have an allergy that prevents you from wearing other medical ID bracelets, these are the perfect option.

Our rubber and silicone medical ID bracelets are great for men and women, and young adults. Founded and operated by the mother of two teenage daughters, N-Style ID understands the challenges of convincing teens to carry their medical information with them every day. Our rubber bracelets solve that problem by giving them an option that looks cool, can withstand their busy lives, and will keep them safe at the same time. Our silicone bracelets are not recommended for young children; instead, we suggest our wide selection of children’s medical bracelets.

Our rubber and silicone medical ID bracelets come in a wide range of colors and styles depending on someone’s personality or mood. And many of our rubber medical bracelets are interchangeable, so you can keep the same medical ID tag, and change out the style or color of the bracelet. Each one of our silicone medical alert bracelets comes with free custom engraving for your medical instructions. Whether you have a medical condition, severe allergy or need to carry other important information with you at all times, your engraving will provide important instructions for first responders. EMTs, firefighters, doctors and other medical personnel are trained to look for medical ID tags, so when you wear one of our rubber medical alert bracelets you’ll ensure that you receive the appropriate medical attention as quickly as possible.

Our silicone medical alert bracelets come in a variety of designs to suit your own personal style. One of our most popular rubber bracelets is the knot rubber medic bracelet, available in black, brown, blue, pink and purple. The rubber can be tied loosely to make it easy to slip it on and off, or for a more secure fit, have someone tie it for a comfortable fit and then trim off the excess rubber. One of our other popular bracelet styles is our classic rubber medical alert bracelets, which comes in a range of fun colors as well, including green, sky blue, bubble gum, as well as brown and black.

Prepare you and your loved ones for an emergency with our stylish rubber and silicone medical bracelets. Choose your favorite style or collect a variety of them to mix and match depending on your mood. Our custom rubber medical ID bracelets are fun, fashionable and affordable, and might just save your life in the event of an emergency.



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