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Bali Link Medical Bracelets w/Wave ID -

Bali Link Medical Bracelets w/Wave ID

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The Bali stainless steel medical ID bracelets are a sturdy chain made of multiple intertwined stainless steel links. A perfect choice for everyday wear! This customized medical alert bracelet is offered with the Wave ID (Wave ID is 2" by 3/4") and is better suited for men and those with larger wrists. For small wrists we recommend selecting the Bali bracelet with the Contempo ID. The Wave ID offered with the chain bracelets are also interchangeable with most of the leather bracelets, and all interchangeable medical bracelets. You may also choose from a variety of colors in the Wave medical ID tag offered below.

Avoid time-consuming size exchanges. Measure your wrist before ordering.
 Typically your bracelet size is roughly 3/4" larger than your wrist size.