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Bracelets/Chain Medical Bracelets/Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel takes on a whole new updated look with N-Style ID's exclusive Wave Medical ID Tag or the Contempo Medical ID. Modernize your basic look with a choice of N-Style ID's Stainless Steel Medical ID Bracelets.

Sleek, lustrous and oh-so stylish, our stainless steel alert medical bracelets combines top-notch quality with beautiful, instant recognizable designs. It’s easy to order one of our stainless steel bracelets – the hard part is deciding which one you want!

One of our most popular stainless steel ID bracelets is our Athena Stretch design. Rugged enough for everyday wear, yet elegant enough to steal the show at formal events, the Athena Stretch, as its name suggests, offers added flexibility for effortless wear and removal. And with plenty of customized design options on the table, the Athena Stretch women's stainless steel bracelets are ready to expand your idea of what medical ID jewelry looks like and how it functions. This innovative design is a great choice for teens and adults alike.
For a subtle, sophisticated accent for formal and casual attire, the Triple Trend medical charm bracelet commands attention from every corner of the room – and that’s an extremely helpful characteristic in the event of a medical emergency! Combining a shimmering tri-layer design with customizable engraving, this bracelet is quickly becoming a top seller at N-Style ID – and it’s easy to see why. Best of all, the bracelet is crafted with durable and lustrous stainless steel.

Our entire selection of stainless steel alert medical bracelets includes the trademark N-Style ID customization and quality you’ve come to expect from the medical ID leader.

Please note, most stainless steel bracelets and other medical ID jewelry are not recommended for children. For more child-friendly designs that’ll also fit your budget, please view our kids’ medical bracelets.

These stainless steel medical ID bracelets are not recommended for children. View kid's medical bracelets.



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