Behold the bangle. Bold, brilliant, beautiful – N-Style ID bangles encompass every style for everybody. If you’re after a different take on traditional medical ID jewelry, our bangles are right up your alley!

At N-Style ID, we offer a huge selection of stylish medical alert bangle bracelets, featuring our original bangle bracelet design. Keep your important medical information with you at all times while looking your best with our ID medical bracelets. From beautiful white and yellow gold to the versatile stainless steel to the classic titanium design, our medical alert bangle bracelets are perfect for dressing up or for a casual outing. We also offer a range of colors to suit your mood, outfit or personality. Our bangle bracelets will also blend beautifully with your other jewelry. They’re perfect as the centerpiece of your attire, yet also excel as a complementary accent with anything else you’re wearing.

Customize Your Bangle Bracelet

Each N-Style ID medical bracelets are custom engraved for free with your vital medical details. Whether you experience severe allergies, require specific medications, or need to carry other important information with you at all times, N-Style ID wants you to be prepared in the event of an emergency. EMTs, firefighters, doctors, and other medical personnel are trained to look for ID medical bracelets so that they can get the care you need in a timely manner. Our medical alert bangle bracelets will not only keep you looking fashionable but could potentially save your life.

The medical alert bangle bracelets are an exclusive N-Style ID that you won’t find anywhere else and they are not your typical, boring ID medical bracelets. The bangle bracelet was one of our first designs and remains our most popular for its classic style and versatility. One side of the bangle is permanently clamped onto the ID while the other side is an open hook, making it extremely easy to put on and take off. We’ve also designed our medical alert bangle bracelets to be incredibly durable and able to withstand everyday wear. You can feel confident taking it wherever you go and not worry about the bracelet interfering with everyday activities.

One of our most popular medical alert bangle bracelets is the classic gold stainless steel bangle bracelet. The design offers a subtle and stylish look, allowing you to wear it with just about anything. We also offer the stainless steel bangle in black, purple, pink, blue, red or colorless. These medical alert bangle bracelets are built sturdy for everyday wear, yet is light enough that you might just forget that you’re wearing it.

If you’d like to add a touch of elegance to your day or night, our 14k white and yellow gold bangle bracelets are the perfect fit. These ID medical bracelets will make a graceful fashion statement and ensure that you always have your important medical information with you at all times. Our high-quality gold bangle medical alert bangle bracelet will also go beautifully with your other jewelry as well.

For those who are allergic to many metals, our lightweight and hypoallergenic titanium bangle bracelets are a perfect choice. Exclusively designed by N-Style ID, these styles can be worn for a variety of occasions and are durable enough to stand up to everyday wear.

Whether you or your loved ones need to keep their important medical information with them at all times, N-Style ID medical alert bangle bracelet is the perfect stylish way to do so. Once you’ve chosen the style that fits your personality and needs, we will custom engrave your bangle bracelet or you can take it to your local jewelry store to have it done in person.

With easy wear and removal - -along with literally endless varieties of styles & designs to pick from – it’s no wonder the bangle ID medical bracelets rank as one of our best-selling types of medical ID jewelry. If you have any questions about a design or would like to learn more about a bangle bracelet, the N-Style ID customer service team is here to help. Just give us a call at (877) 445-0030 to learn about our medical ID bands. Thanks for choosing N-Style ID – your complete customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal!



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