Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes: 6 Tips for Child Safety

When you first found out that your child had diabetes, it may have come as a shock, even if diabetes is common in your family. Watching your little one go through the process can be emotionally challenging, and your child is likely feeling similar emotions. Here at N-Style ID, we offer children's medical alert bracelets that can help you feel more prepared for your child's diabetes. However, though our children's medical bracelets can help a lot, we know it's not even close to being the only solution for your family. In today's blog, we'll share six tips for better managing your child's safety. If you're in need of engraved medical ID bracelets, diabetic bracelets for kids, or more then N-Style ID is the store for you! Shop today.

Be Detail-Oriented

Diabetes control isn't always easy and it can be a hassle at times. However, by being detail-oriented and prepared for whatever diabetes may throw at you, you can handle the situation with strength and confidence. This includes everything from taking the diabetes management routine seriously (never skipping blood glucose checks or insulin doses) to using tools like the Diabetes Calculator for Kids.

Get to Know Your Healthcare Team

Sure, a toddler medical alert bracelet or other medical alert for kids is important €” but your healthcare team will also be with you throughout this entire journey. Get to know them so that you and your child can be comfortable with managing their diabetes at home and at school. Ask questions and request help whenever you need it!

Order Medical Alerts for Kids

You can't always be with your little one, and that's where children's medical alert bracelets come into the picture. With good management and plans in place, hopefully an emergency will never occur; however, by making sure your kiddo wears a children's medical ID bracelet, you can be prepared just in case.

Have an Emergency Plan

Whether you need an emergency plan for going back to school or you simply want your child to have one handy when away from you, making a plan with helpful information can be vital in an emergency situation.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Eating a well-rounded diet and following a meal plan can help you better plan for glucose and insulin levels and prepare for what may follow a meal. Kids with diabetes benefit from the same nutritious foods everyone benefits from €” it sometimes just takes some more planning.

Exercise Regularly

Finally, we recommend regular exercise. This will help keep blood cholesterol and blood pressure under control; maintain health for their heart, lungs, and blood vessels; and allow them to keep up with other kids their age.

Shop for Children's Medical Alert Bracelets Today

Here at N-Style ID, we love the unique opportunity we have to help children and their families feel safer and more at peace through children's medical alert bracelets. Check out tips for motivating your child to wear one and read more about our popular jelly band medical alert bracelets. Shop with N-Style ID today for diabetic bracelets for kids!


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