The Importance of Wearing Medical Alert Jewelry: Spread the Word

Our last blog highlighted the importance for people with certain conditions to wear medical alert jewelry. The potentially fatal consequence of not wearing a medical ID signals a need for personal and community-based awareness campaigns. You, as an individual, can play an important part in spreading this important message. There are a number of ways to approach a campaign to spread awareness of the importance of wearing medical alert jewelry. The first step to any awareness campaign is research and planning. You will have to decide whether to focus on one particular condition--diabetes or epilepsy, for instance--or to focus on the topic of medical ID jewelry in general. Research the condition(s) to make certain you have the facts straight. Statistics on the issue will help communicate your message more effectively. Speak to experts, such as doctors and educators to learn more about how wearing medical alert charms, bracelets or neclaces can help in specific circumstances. First responders, like EMTs, paramedics, and firefighters, may be able to provide you with first hand accounts regarding the usefulness of medical alert jewelry. Ask local health organizations if they would be interested in supporting an awareness campaign. They may be able to assist in organizing an event and provide tips for your campaign. A campaign to raise awareness could include hanging posters (with permission) in places like libraries, community centers, and college campuses. The most effective posters will include eye catching images or phrases. Ask local schools to invite a guest speaker, like a doctor or EMT, to give a lecture on the benefits of medical alert jewelry for people with certain conditions. Organizing a fundraising event is a good way to increase awareness about conditions requiring medical alert jewelry. A local school, a service club like Rotary Club or Lions Club, or health organization are good candidates for event hosts. An event might include a dinner, a car wash, or walk. The proceeds from the events can be donated to a charity specific to the particular focus condition(s). If you plan an event, contact the media with the details and information on the cause. There are also many smaller scale ways to get the message out to your community on how critical medical ID jewelry can be. Talk to your friends and family about the issue. send an email to your contacts detailing the significance of medical alert bracelets and necklaces. Post an update on your Facebook page or Tweet about it. Whatever you choose to do to spread the word about medical alert jewelry is a step toward saving a life.

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