Starting a New School Year With Allergies: Tips for Success

The beginning of a new school year comes with excitement, nervous anticipation, bags of new clothes, and fresh school supplies. If your child has severe allergies to insects, animals, food, or anything else, then it most likely comes with some extra nerves for you as the parent. By having your child wear allergy alert bracelets, you can alleviate some of these concerns and promote health throughout the school year.  In today's blog, we're discussing just how you and your child can succeed this year in school and decrease the risks associated with allergies. Read below to learn more, and then shop with N-Style ID today for children's medical alert bracelets that can go everywhere your little one goes.

Be Your Child's Advocate

Perhaps you think that you just need to establish a relationship with your child's teacher. However, you should have a professional and collaborative partnership with all the faculty, staff, and any other individuals with whom your child will interact during their school day. This can include everyone from your child's teacher to cafeteria workers, bus drivers, classmates, parents, school nurses, and more.  You should learn about school policies for epinephrine and other medications; discuss strategies for reducing food allergens in the classroom or cafeteria; and find out what the process is for children with allergies who want to buy school lunches.

Empower Your Child to Be Their Own Advocate

As you are your child's advocate throughout this process, your child will look up to you and incorporate those same skills and values. Teach your little one to speak up, to know when and how to use their medication, and to not be afraid to be a little different.

Buy a Children's Medical Alert Bracelet

Medical alerts for kids can make all the difference if the worst were to happen. You can choose engraved medical ID bracelets that include their name, medical condition, allergies, treatment considerations, and emergency contacts. And here at N-Style ID, we offer cute medical alert bracelets so your children will actually want to wear them and stay protected!

Create an Emergency Plan

Last but not least, create an emergency plan for your child. All of your child's teachers should have a copy, along with the nurse and your child. Include items such as the following: 
  • Name
  • Age
  • Grade
  • A recent photo (for the first day of school, substitute teachers, etc.)
  • Medical condition(s)
  • Allergies
  • Rescue medications and where they're located
  • Dosage and administration directions
  • Signs it could be a medical emergency
  • What to do, in order, in the event of an emergency
  • Who to call
  • A note to check their engraved medical ID bracelet

Shop With N-Style ID Today

Children's medical bracelets can help protect your child's life and give them the confidence they need to do everything a little kid should do! If you follow the tips in this blog post, then you can help increase safety and confidence in your child as they learn to become their own advocate. Here at N-Style ID, we offer children's medical alert bracelets that are effective, reliable, high-quality, long-lasting, and attractive. Shop today for children's medical alert bracelets €” and be sure to check out our post on motivating your child to wear a medical bracelet while you're here!

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