Look for These Trends in Medical ID Jewelry

When you are on the hunt for medical ID jewelry, you want a style that you'll actually want to wear. When you find interchangeable bands and styles that match your own wardrobe and personality, you'll be much more likely to wear your personalized medical bracelet and increase your chance of safety and protection.  Here at N-Style ID, we offer medical ID jewelry for a variety of tastes and needs. We have many styles of medical alert jewelry for women, men, kids, teens, and seniors. In today's blog, we're going to highlight some of the biggest trends in medical ID jewelry right now. If you see something that catches your eye, then shop with N-Style ID today! We offer engraved medical bracelets you can count on €” and that will fit right in with your other jewelry.

Rose Gold

Gold medical alert bracelets have always been pretty popular, but the obsession with rose gold doesn't seem to be going anywhere! And, honestly, we're all for it! Rose gold is an interesting, beautiful color to look at, and it is so trendy right now that you'll be excited every time you wear your rose gold medical alert bracelets.

Natural Stones

From turquoise to pearls to beaded bracelets with a variety of stones, this fashion medical alert jewelry makes a statement each and every time you wear it. Medical ID jewelry should match your personal style and taste, while also including all the important information in case there were an emergency. If you like the natural stone trend, then check out our Simmer Beaded Medical Bracelet, Navajo Silver Beaded Medical Bracelet, or our Elements Medical ID Bracelet


Leather medical alert bracelets are also a trend we are seeing pop up everywhere. Ideal for pretty much everyone €” such as teens, men, and women €” this stylish, comfortable, and durable medical ID jewelry looks like it's here to stay. Here at N-Style ID, we offer leather medical ID bracelets in brown and black, along with a few unique colors and styles that are sure to make a statement.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is both classy and durable, so why wouldn't you want it in your medical ID jewelry? Our stainless steel medical ID jewelry is available in both silver and gold (including rose gold!) and is sure to stand the test of time.

Simple Dog Tag Necklaces

Finally, another trend we are seeing is actually moving away from super cute and pretty medical alert bracelets and instead opting for something more simple and classic €” like dog tag necklaces. They're easy to make work with almost any outfit, but they're also easy for first responders to find during an emergency.

Shop for Medical ID Jewelry Today

Whether you're looking for silicone medical alert bracelets, engravable medical alert bracelets, custom medical bracelets, or fashion medical alert jewelry in general, N-Style ID has what you're looking for. Browse our collections today and find the medical ID jewelry that works for you.


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