November Is National Epilepsy Awareness Month

November is designated as “National Epilepsy Awareness Month,” and we’re grateful for the opportunity to discuss this neurological disorder, how it affects people, and how medical safety alert bracelets can help.

In today’s blog, we’ll share some facts about this common neurological disorder; however, we’re also going to focus a large section of the blog on exactly how epilepsy medical alert bracelets can help you, your little one, or your senior loved one. Here at N-Style ID, we offer medical safety alert bracelets for everyone in the family and for a variety of needs, including epilepsy medical bracelets. If you’ve been wondering where to buy medical alert bracelets, then stop wondering! You’ve found it in N-Style ID. We offer medical bracelets for women, men, kids, teens, and seniors. Contact us today with any questions and start shopping!


Some Facts About Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder in which nerve cell activity in the brain is disturbed. This disturbances causes seizures, which is what most people often think of when they hear the word “epilepsy.”

All facts we’ve gathered about epilepsy are from the Epilepsy Foundation website:

  • Anyone can develop epilepsy. It’s just as common to begin in adults over the age of 65 as it is to begin in children.
  • Treatment doesn’t work for everyone. At least 1 million people in the U.S. have uncontrolled epilepsy.
  • There are more than twice as many people with epilepsy in the U.S. as the number of people with cerebral palsy (500,000), muscular dystrophy (250,000), multiple sclerosis (350,000), and cystic fibrosis (30,000) combined.
  • Epilepsy can occur as a single condition or be seen in combination with other conditions such as autism, Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral palsy, etc.
  • There are 65 million people around the world with epilepsy and 3.4 million in the U.S.
  • About 1 in 26 people in the U.S. will develop epilepsy at some point in their lives.
  • Every 6 out of 10 people with epilepsy do not know the cause of it.

feel safe and protected with medical id bracelets


How Medical Safety Alert Bracelets Can Help

Most seizures will end within seconds or a few minutes; however, situations can, of course, worsen and you may be in need of medical help. In an emergency situation like this, a medical safety alert bracelet can serve as your voice when you’re otherwise incapable of speaking.

First responders are trained to immediately look for any form of medical identification. If you’re wearing a medical alert wristband, then they’re sure to quickly find it and know how to treat you to ensure your future well-being.


Seizure First Aid

  1. Stay with the person who is experiencing a seizure and start timing.
  2. Keep the person safe. Turn them onto their side if they’re not awake or aware. Don’t put anything in their mouth or restrain them.
  3. Stay with them until they’re awake and alert.
  4. Call 911 in any of the following situations:
  • The seizure lasts longer than five minutes
  • There are repeated seizures
  • The person has difficulty breathing
  • The seizure occurs in the water
  • The person is injured, pregnant, or sick
  • The person doesn’t return to normal
  • It’s the person’s first seizure
  • The person asks for medical attention


What to Note on Epilepsy Medical Alert Bracelets

Check out FAQs About Medical ID Jewelry, Pt. 2 for help with abbreviations and knowing what to write on medical safety alert bracelets. However, this is the main information you’ll want on your epilepsy medical bracelet:

  • Name
  • Emergency contact
  • Medical conditions (including epilepsy)
  • Allergies to medications
  • Current medications you take

This is the basic information to include, but it does its part when there’s an emergency situation and you’re unable to communicate with first responders.


Shop for Epilepsy Medical Bracelets Today

If you’re unsure of where to buy medical alert bracelets, then you now have your answer: N-Style ID! We offer a variety of medical identification bracelets to meet every style, need, and taste out there. Check out our blog post Epilepsy Medical Alert Bracelets: Here's How They Can Help for more information and shop with N-Style ID today. Our medical safety alert bracelets are affordable, stylish, comfortable, and durable. Start shopping, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions!

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