Apple iOS 8 Now Offers Digital Medical ID Features


[caption id="attachment_1338" align="aligncenter" width="510"]Apple iOS 8 Now Offers Digital Medical ID Features - Source: AppleInsider Apple iOS 8 Now Offers Digital Medical ID Features - Source: AppleInsider[/caption]

Medical ID bracelets are known to help keep loved ones safe. However, what about that friend or stranger who isn't aware of your bracelet, or in a stressful state forgets to check for one?

A popular early 2000s safety trend had people adding an ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact to their phones. Now, most phones come with an automatic locking feature, meaning even that tiny piece of information would be unavailable should you or a loved one be unable to respond in the event of an emergency. Most bystanders, however, would attempt to unlock someone's mobile device to attempt to get help.

So what can you do? Is there a way to have your phone help get you through a medical emergency, even with a locked screen?

Thankfully, the answer is yes. Apple's new iOS 8 update offers a digital medical ID option. Here is how to use it:

Create Your Medical ID

The feature is built into the new Health application that comes with using iOS 8.

  1. Launch the Health app.
  2. Tap the Medical ID menu on the bottom right.
  3. Choose €œCreate Medical ID.€
  4. If you have a passcode-locked handset, enable €œShow When Locked.€ This will give first responders or those with you at the time of an emergency access to the Medical ID. The information will be visible on a locked screen phone by opening the emergency call screen and looking on the bottom left-hand side of the phone.

Medical IDs can be customized in a few ways. Pictures to verify identity, date of birth, allergies, medication lists, and any other important notes can be entered here. You can even include emergency contact information so your loved ones can be notified in case of an emergency, and you can include details about who the emergency contact is in relation to you so that anyone who may attempt to contact your loved ones will be aware of who they're contacting.

Update Your ID Anytime

Once the initial profile has been created, users can update it at any time. If they decide to change their organ donation status or they have recently lost 20 pounds, this is the place to get the information stored. Additionally, you can change your medications, emergency contacts, and more whenever you feel it is necessary to do so.

Health App Features

The app offers more than just emergency contact and medical information storage. Users can use it as their own personal medical records tool, recording blood type, test results, and appointments.

It has been said that the best offense is a good defense, and in this case, the offense is multiple ways of communicating your medical information to those who need it to help you. If you are an iOS user, check out the newest iOS 8 update and try out the medical alert functionality for yourself. Utilizing this function, in addition to wearing an actual medical ID bracelet, will give bystanders the highest likelihood of helping you in the event that you need it.

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