6 Kid-Friendly Stocking Stuffers That Serve a Purpose

Stocking stuffers are just as fun as can be. They’re pre-gifts, if you will, helping your kids prep for the all-anticipated adventure of tearing open all the presents under the tree. In all of this hustle and bustle, though, those stocking stuffers sometimes fall to the wayside, never to be seen again. They’ll be appreciated for a second — and then it’s on to bigger and better things.

However, much of this is caused by what we put in the stockings. Think about it: if we just fill it with impersonal, cheap, and small gifts, they’ll probably be treated that way. 

If you’re looking instead for stocking stuffers that will last at least until New Year’s without being thrown away, broken, or forgotten, then we have what you’re looking for. We think children’s medical alert bracelets make an excellent addition to a child’s stocking, and we’ll tell you why in this blog! Keep reading to learn more and get inspired, and then shop with N-Style ID today for children’s medical bracelets.

Puzzles and Games

From little wooden puzzles to books of riddles or brain games to your kid’s or teenager’s new favorite card game, this is an easy, affordable gift that they’ll actually use! Bonus: it fits great in a stocking and is sure to be used later that same day.

Engraved Medical ID Bracelet

OK, so a medical alert for kids may not be at the top of their list, but it will be when they see our stylish designs! We have the unique and pretty medical alert bracelets you’ve been looking for: turquoise, Batman, Darth Vader, daisies, and leather medical ID bracelets abound, and that’s just the beginning. We even have a Batman and Darth Vader value pack! When you need children’s medical alert bracelets, they should be comfortable and match your child’s style — and that’s exactly what we offer with our children’s medical ID bracelets.

Kids medical jewelry

Gloves and Socks

It’s winter, and children seem to outgrow everything immediately. Perhaps you got them some pants or shirts to wrap up under the tree, but a pair of gloves and socks in a stocking will certainly be useful as well.


Did you get your little ones some new books? Throw some cute, motivating bookmarks into their stockings to encourage further literacy and learning.


OK, so Band-Aids may not sound like the most adventurous gift, but you can’t deny they’ll come in handy! Buy Band-Aids with their favorite character, order them a children’s medical alert bracelet, and bravely send them off into the world.

Movie Tickets

Finally, buy them two movie tickets to take a friend to the theater with them and see a movie they’ve been wanting to see — no adults required.

Shop for Children’s Medical Alert Bracelets Today

No matter their style, we have the teenager, children, and toddler medical alert bracelets you’ve been looking for. Shop with N-Style ID today for comfortable, affordable, and stylish children’s medical alert bracelets.


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