10 Useful Autism Apps

[caption id="attachment_1272" align="aligncenter" width="360"]Hand of the person with the phone surrounded by icons 001 These apps cover a wide variety of options for autistic children[/caption] Technology has come a long way in helping and advancing autistic children. Here are 10 popular PC and tablet apps that can help develop essential social and communication skills. Starfall ABC/Learn to Read. Starfall ABC teaches children the alphabet by helping them sound out the letters. Once children master their letters and sounds, Learn to Read then helps develop their reading skills through fun stories and songs.

Super Why!

This PBS Kids app helps children learn the alphabet and improve reading comprehension by tracing letters, practicing rhyming words and selecting words to fill in blanks in a story.

The Monster at the End of This Book.

Created by the makers of Sesame Street, this app teaches cause-and-effect relationships while helping autistic children work through their fears.

Emotions and Feelings €“ Autism.

This app helps autistic kids learn to recognize facial expressions and emotions in others €“ a social skill that autistic children often struggle with.

Pop Math Lite.

Designed to teach basic addition, Pop Math Lite helps provide a strong mathematical foundation. It then allows users to move on to more advanced skills, such as subtraction, multiplication and division.

Model Me Going Places.

This popular app helps autistic children prepare for stressful or frightening social situations, such as getting a haircut or going to the doctor.

Talk Assist.

Autistic children with speech problems can use this app to communicate. They type a message onto the screen, which will then be spoken out loud on an iPad or iPhone.

Splatter HD.

This app allows autistic children to express their creativity by using vibrant colors to paint pictures or random patterns. It provides all the fun of messy painting without the cleanup!

 Autism Express.

This app displays silly face drawings that assist autistic children in recognizing and expressing their own emotions.

Virtuoso 2.

Encourages autistic children to express their musical talents using a digital keyboard. Aside from medical ID bracelets, these are some great ways to help with Autism. Sources: http://www.parents.com/kids/development/intellectual/best-apps-for-kids-with-autism/ http://www.autismpluggedin.com/2011/09/10-free-ipad-apps-for-children-with-special-needs.html

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